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Environmental Impacts

Impact, including CO2 emission
Problems, including CH4 emissions
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Water Management System
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Farmer's Life

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Pak Cipto and his wife

About 20 years ago Pak Cipto came to this place as a tranmigrant from Java . Life was tough but conditions have improved lately and look much brighter for the near future. He is the Head of the Kelompok Tani named Sukamakmur, a farmer's group of 30 farmers. He owns a simple hand-tractor and a light motor cycle. They have two children and two grandchildren.

Santoso 4.8 ton/ha Wanto       4 ton/ha   Salim         5.3 ton/ha Kardi            5.4 ton/ha Sucipto    7.3 ton/ha Widarto     5.2 ton/ha
Santoso    6 ton/ha Surahman 5 ton/ha Sutris            5 ton/ha Rejo                 5 ton/ha Kartono   5.8 ton/ha Parsidi       5.9 ton/ha
Santoso   6.2 ton/ha Arip       6.5 ton/ha Siswanto    4.8 ton/ha Daliman        3.6 ton/ha Daliman  5.7 ton/ha Sucipto      6.4 ton/ha
Santoso    6 ton/ha Santoso 5.9 ton/ha Yasri          4.9 ton/ha Sudiyono         3 ton/ha Budiyano    5 ton/ha Subur         5.7 ton/ha
Mardi       6 ton/ha Sudiyono 5.7 ton/ha Widodo      4.7 ton/ha Parsidi             4 ton/ha Budiyano 7.2 ton/ha Budiyano     6.4 ton/ha
Purwanto 7.4 ton/ha Wanto 4.1 ton/ha Siswanto    5.5 ton/ha Daliman           4 ton/ha Daliman   6.2 ton/ha Sucipto      6.1 ton/ha
Purwanto 7.9 ton/ha Sardi      6.4 ton/ha Tumidi       5.9 ton/ha Rejo              4.8 ton/ha Kartono   5.7 ton/ha Parsidi         6.2 ton/ha
Badiwi      4 ton/ha Kamto   7.8 ton/ha Salim         5.1 ton/ha Kardi               5 ton/ha Kamto        5 ton/ha Widarto        4 ton/ha
Average 6.0 ton/ha Average 5.6 ton/ha Average    5.2 ton/ha Average       4.4 ton/ha Average     6 ton/ha Average    5.7 ton/ha

 Kelompok Tani (farmers Group) with name: Suka Mamur with location of fields of farmers in TC 2, TC 3 and TC 4. Further it gives the yields of the first crop in March 2003 expressed in tons field-dry husked rice/hectare The lower yields between TC 2 and TC 3 are related to wet fields with high contents of organic matter. Each field is about 1 Ha in size.


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