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Discussion Development

Thesis, CO2 adsorption/emissions
Kualitas Lahan
Land Qualities
Land Classes and Areas

Environmental Impacts

Impact, including CO2 emission
Problems, including CH4 emissions
Forest Fires
Landsat TM

Management inputs

Water Management System
Macro Design
Micro Design
Water Control
Model Areas
Information System



Links to recommended websites:

The website of Pusdata Rawa is partly in English, partly in Indonesian language. It concerns the swamp lowlands of Indonesia.

The Website of Wetlands International.

A personal and also professional website of Paul ten Hove with lots of information concerning tropical crops. A real compendium of  valuable information.

 Tropical Rain Forest Information Centre. Fantastic this information when you are familiar with interpreting Landsat Images. Whole Indonesia available with old and quite recent images. How many forests are lost already! Choose your location, make your own combination of bands and zoom-in on the required location. You should use the GIS interface.

A visits to the Karang Agung II project ( August 2002 and August 2004)

A visit to Telang I , Jalur 6 (14 August 2002)

The visits to Telang I, Jalur 6 ( 24 October, 25 November 2002 and 17 December 2002)

My holiday on Java and Bali with my wife. Java is a lovely place for trekking and meet its people. Bali will give you the ideal holiday.

Latest holiday (February 2005) to Bali and South Sumatra province (coastal area). (To be viewed with Internet Explorer, not with Mozilla Firefox)

The Pedigree of my family , they were formerly Dutch Gin Distillers in Schiedam, near Rotterdam.

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